McCall’s 4th of July alcohol ban results in no arrests


McCall’s 4th of July alcohol ban results in no arrests

McCall’s 4th of July alcohol ban results in no arrests

Alex Livingston, KTVB

mccallMCCALL – In previous years, North Beach in McCall would be filled with a mix of families with young children and adults drinking and partying celebrating the 4th of July. Thanks to an alcohol ban, that wasn’t the case this year.

“In my 17 years here it was nice to have it be something that the wheels weren’t coming off the wagon,” said Jason Speer, marine supervisor with the Valley County Sheriff’s Office.

Speer says in the past, there would be anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 people on the various beaches in McCall over the weekend, and excessive drinking created a dangerous environment for everyone.

“We took alcohol out of the mix which, returned that area safe for families because the last thing we want to do is have kids get hurt up there,” said Speer.

“It was pretty chaotic out here. We had a lot of things that you wouldn’t want to bring your kids to experience,” said Mike Whitescarver with Cheap Thrills. “A lot of heavy partying and just inappropriate behavior took place down here.”

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As far as local businesses go, Whitescarver says the ban and a lower number of people staying in McCall this past weekend didn’t really affect his business.

“We stayed booked out,” said Whitescarver. “We started Friday, booked out our entire fleet and stayed booked out through the 5th actually so our numbers were right on par with where we’ve been in last years.

Speer says in previous years the sheriff’s office would make around 150 arrests and hand out an additional 60 to 70 tickets, a far cry from this year.

“Last year was somewhere in that ballpark of contacts and to have it go to something that’s zero, that kind of makes you think that you’re doing the right thing.”

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