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  • Cops raid 13 ‘head shops’ in synthetic marijuana bust

    May 10, 2012 | by Matt Standal

    BOISE -- Law enforcement agencies from around the valley raided 13 so-called "head shops" and other retail stores on Thursday in a crackdown that landed 14 suspects in jail on drug charges related to illegally selling synthetic marijuana, or "spice."

    The shops include:

    Wonderland Hookah
    All Sunshine
    Bermen's Pipe Shop
    Smoke N Accessories
    Royal Smoke
    Otherwold Gallery
    Onestop Smoke Shack
    Boise Beverage and Tobacco
    Pit Stop Express

    KTVB found officers raiding shops across Boise, and into Meridian and Nampa. Callers and Facebook fans also alerted us to the activity.

    Boise police say more than 100 officers from several different agencies were involved in the bust, and many of the tips they received were related to tips and complaints by area parents.

    We'll keep updating this story as more information becomes available.

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