Make a (family) day of it on September 26

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Make a (family) day of it on September 26

Make a (family) day of it on September 26

Monday, September 26, is officially Family Day!

CASA, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, promotes Family Day as an effective tool for keeping kids substance-free.

Start planning your Family Day now. You can do anything—even just make time to eat dinner together. A few ideas:

  • Make a favorite dessert.
  • Do something your kids like to do: shoot baskets, kick the soccer ball, play a board game.
  • Have everyone throw silly questions into a bowl, and take turns answering them.
  • Get out the photo albums and reminisce about important family milestones, vacations, and funny things the kids did when they were younger.
  • Take the dogs on a walk.
  • Volunteer—or make a plan to volunteer during an upcoming weekend—at a homeless shelter, animal shelter, or community event.
  • Create a calendar of family activities—try for one a weekend! Check your local Parks & Rec listings, newspaper events section, and school newsletters for ideas.

However you celebrate, CASA would love to see it. Take a photo of your family and post it to social media with the hashtag #myfamilyselfie.

Kids with strong family relationships are less likely to drink than their peers, so remember to stay engaged all year long. Try these simple tips!

Find ways to keep your child alcohol-free this school year!

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