Meet Aspen, a teen power lifter from Idaho whose passion for working out has earned her success, boosted her confidence, and built positive friendships.

Aspen’s determination is the biggest factor in her newfound success.

In her search to find a passion, this Idaho teen tried out for her school’s volleyball team. She didn’t make it. She tried again the next year; no luck. Undeterred, Aspen took a friend’s advice to get in better shape, and she started lifting weights in her school’s gym.

The school’s power lifting coach noticed that Aspen was advancing rapidly in weights, and asked her to join the team. She now spends four afternoons a week working out and perfecting her form.

“I started seeing results really fast,” says Aspen. “I’ve gotten a lot stronger, I’ve toned up—and I feel so much better.” At meets, she competes in the deadlift; she set a world record for her age group at the World Powerlifting Congress meet in Idaho Falls in September 2016.

“I set high goals for myself,” she explains, “so that I have them to look forward to and feel good about.” And no matter how hard it gets, she says, “I want to keep going. I have high expectations, and I want to impress my coach.”

Her current goal is to compete in all three power lifting events—deadlift, squat, and bench press—at the next World meet in September 2017. “With all of the training and dedication I have, I want to show that I’m capable of doing all of it.

Aspen advises other teens in search of a passion to never give up. “Always try out. If you don’t make it, there’s always next year.”

“I was kind of confused in the weight room at first. But once I got started, it just became natural. I fell in love with it.”


Power Lifting for Your Teen

Think your child would be interested in power lifting? Have them check with their school to see if they have a team.

Additionally, check around for local gyms that offer power lifting equipment and coaches.