Concerns over powdered alcohol continue to grow

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Concerns over powdered alcohol continue to grow

Concerns over powdered alcohol continue to grow

By Jeffrey Mayne – WBFO 88.7 (See original story)

With powdered alcohol set to launch this summer, a new poll shows most U.S. adults are concerned that the product will increase underage drinking.

According to the University of Michigan, 60% of U.S. adults favor a complete ban of powdered alcohol while 90% are worried the product will be misused by underage drinkers.

Local attorney and former prosecutor Matthew T. Murray says powdered alcohol presents unique problems that need to be considered.

“It seems more dangerous because you have a higher incidence, I would imagine, of overdose if people are trying to quantify how much powder they can consume as opposed to traditional liquid form alcohol. I think it would be a very bad idea and just going to lead to a lot of problems with no real utility,” Murray told WBFO.

Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont have already banned powdered alcohol from store shelves while other states are discussing similar measures.

Kayla Fuentes, a 20-year-old Erie Community College student, says she believes the new product will only increase abuse.

“I know 13-year-olds that drink, I know 14-year-olds that drink, 16-year-olds that drink. I guarantee powdered alcohol is going to be easier to get,” she said

Senator Charles Schumer has been trying to find a way to ban the product nationally.

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