Who couldn’t use a love note?

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Who couldn’t use a love note?

Who couldn’t use a love note?

Middle- and high-school students across Idaho are showing their appreciation, encouraging friends, and just saying hi through a campaign called Lovely Reminders.

The campaign was launched by Idaho Drug Free Youth (IDFY), a partner that encourages kids to get involved in positive activities and make meaningful connections in their communities.

If your child would like to be part of the Lovely Reminders campaign, they’ll receive a set of postcards from IDFY. They simply write a personal note on each and give them to someone they know or have noticed working behind-the-scenes at school. It’s as simple as that.

“With this campaign, kids get to think outside of themselves,” says IDFY’s Kelsey Wood. “And when kids are connecting in positive ways to others, they’re more likely to seek out other positive ways to feel good.”

The Lovely Reminders campaign is one of many your teen can try. Others include Remix ‘til Six, encouraging teens to grab a friend and volunteer after school, the time of day when kids are most likely to engage in negative behaviors; and High Five, where teens invite four people they don’t know very well to go do something fun.

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“The goal is to give kids really easy tools they can use to be active and make connections,” says Wood. “They can start small, and share with friends, then go bigger if they want.”

A campaign that specifically addresses underage drinking, called 21 Matters, helps students understand how alcohol affects brain development, personal safety, and relationships, and gives teens tools to educate their friends, too.

“We designed it with kids in mind,” Kelsey says. “We make it fun, with its own website, stickers, and videos they can watch.”

As a parent, you might expect your teen to roll your eyes at this. So what makes it “cool”?

“It often starts with youth who come to our events and experience that sense of connection and belonging,” Kelsey explains. “We help them be proud of their decisions, and we equip them with the leadership skills and confidence to get others involved.”

How can your teen get involved in IDFY?

  • Any tween or teen can participate in IDFY campaigns; they don’t have to be a member. Try a campaign.
  • Have your teen attend an IDFY event:
    IDFY Chapter Convention (each fall)
    Students receive training on how to be leaders, implement events and campaigns within their schools, and network with other chapters from across Idaho.

    Idaho Youth Summit (each summer)
    Your teen will experience a four-day, youth-led conference that challenges them to embrace a healthy lifestyle and become leaders who actively seek to positively impact their schools, communities, and all of Idaho. Includes interactive workshops, motivational speakers, and a variety of activities.

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