The kid with a camera: Lapwai’s Pox Young has a new perspective

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The kid with a camera: Lapwai’s Pox Young has a new perspective

The kid with a camera: Lapwai’s Pox Young has a new perspective

Pox Young, a Lapwai ninth grader, discovered his newest passion purely by accident. A broken thumb had derailed his basketball season, and he didn’t have a lot to do after school. One day, he took over for a student photographer who shooting a game—and immediately felt a connection with the camera.

That first day, he laughingly said, “I was really bad.” But Pox was hooked, and began to teach himself how to use a camera by reading books and doing online research in his spare time. He received a camera for a Christmas gift, and spends an hour or so a day improving his technique and his composition and photo editing skills.

Pox doesn’t let himself get too down when he isn’t happy with the results. “I get frustrated sometimes,” he said. “I might take 100 pictures and they’re all overexposed and underexposed”—but he goes back and tries again.

The student usually has a camera—either his or the school’s—nearby, snapping shots of anything that catches his eye: the outdoors, still objects, and—of course—his friends. “Everyone gets annoyed with me,” he joked.

Pox intends to keep improving his craft through high school. “It’s addicting. I’m addicted. I love that you can capture a great moment in the click of a button.”

Besides spending time shooting photos, Pox is a year-round athlete: football, basketball and track. When we tried to track him down for this story, we had a hard time. His mom summed it up perfectly: “He’s hard to pin down—he’s always off doing something.”

Here are some of Pox’s favorite photos:

Idaho Landscape by Pox Young


Idaho Bridge by Pox Young

Student Portrait by Pox Young

Idaho Waterfall by Pox Young

RIng Photo by Pox Young’s Idaho Youth Spotlights focus on Idaho kids who are pursuing their passions instead of engaging in underage drinking. If you know a child like this, please let us know! We’d love to share their story.

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