Help your college student plan for a safe spring break trip

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Help your college student plan for a safe spring break trip

Help your college student plan for a safe spring break trip

In recent years, popular Florida and Texas spring break destinations like Panama City Beach have banned alcohol on their beaches. It wasn’t just because spring break partygoers were too loud and left too much trash behind—although these were cited as issues, too.

It was largely because of crime. In 2015, the Panama City Beach police department responded to more than 13,000 calls and made 1,300 arrests during spring break alone.

Many were “just” for disorderly conduct activities, but some weren’t that innocuous. Students were arrested for sexual assault and violent crime, too, while they were under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

So, what does this mean for your college student who wants to go away with friends on break?

We know you can’t (and don’t want to!) control your child’s every move, especially since they may already be living away from home. But if and when the topic of spring break vacation comes up, here are a few suggestions to help make sure your child can have fun and be as safe as possible:

  • Discuss the dangers of excessive and underage drinking—especially, for this week, in regard to safety and legal issues. Underage and harmful drinking can lead to sexual assault, unplanned sex, injury from accidents or fighting, and even death. As noted above, there can also be legal ramifications that could follow them for life.
  • Help your child review travel information to plan alternative activities that don’t involve alcohol.
  • Make sure your child knows the signs of alcohol poisoning, and how to get help.
  • Stay in regular contact throughout the break.

And, by the way, studies show that students who choose to stay home or vacation with parents over break are less likely to drink—obvious but worth a mention!

Spring break excess often makes the news, but college students face risks associated with drinking throughout the entire year. Curious how alcohol plays a role in college year-round? Read “Are you talking to your college-bound teen about alcohol?”

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