Check In

Check In

Check In with Your Kids

We can’t all be home with our kids in the afternoons and during school breaks—but these are the times when your child is most at risk for alcohol and drug use. Let your child know that you’re involved and aware of what’s going on with them.

Send a Quick Text

Send texts like the ones below just to say hi or remind your child to make good decisions when they’re out.

  • Hope school was good today. Love you!
  • Just want to say I think you’re awesome.
  • What’s your plan for the afternoon? Who r u with?
  • Hey, what’s up? Check in when you have a sec.
  • What r u up to today? Let me know.<
  • Let’s do dinner out tonight. Where should we go?
  • I’m heading home early. Let’s do something fun.
  • Make good decisions tonight!
  • Call or text if you need a ride later, k? Don’t get into a car if anyone’s been drinking!

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