Check in with your child

We can’t all be home with our kids in the afternoons and during school breaks—but these are the times when your child is most at risk for alcohol and drug use. Let your child know that you’re involved and aware of what’s going on with them.

Call or Text REGULARLY

Throughout the day, call or text to ask where they are, who they’re with, what they’re doing, and when they’ll be back.

MAKE A surprise visit

Drop in at home unannounced between 3–6 pm, the peak hours for experimentation with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex.

Get to know your child’s friends

Knowing who your child hangs out with gives you insight into outside influences.


If your child is headed to a friend’s for a sleepover or other extended period of time, text or call the parents to ensure they’ll be home and/or alcohol won’t be accessible.


If your teen has friends over for a party, periodically check in to “refresh snacks.” This allows you to keep an eye on things and make sure no one is using alcohol or other substances. You can ask another parent to hang out with you and take turns checking in so you’re not the only one being embarrassing.


Make sure your child can’t access alcohol in your home, and track how much you have.

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