Mock Bedroom

Mock Bedroom

The Signs Might Be Right in Front of You

There are several indicators for alcohol and drug use in this bedroom. Many of the items feature logos from brands associated with party culture—but because they’re also popular brands in general, they don’t necessarily mean your child is participating in underage drinking. If you spot these items or brands in your child’s room, considering talking to them about the meanings behind the logos and the risks of underage drinking.

  1. SRH: Stands for “Supporting Radical Habits” or “Stoners Reeking Havoc.” Apparel may feature the letters “SRH” or images of spades. Known for promoting the party lifestyle.
  2. Cookie Monster: Apparel with the Cookie Monster usually references the Family Guy episodes in which Cookie Monster uses drugs and goes to rehab.
  3. Reef sandals: Many of this brand’s sandals and flip-flops have a built-in bottle opener on the bottom or a stash compartment in the middle of the sole.
  4. Insane Clown Posse: This band’s branding mostly features the letters “ICP,” a dreadlocked man or woman running with a hatchet, or the words “Juggalo” or “Juggalette”—which refers to their fans (“family”). The band attracts youth who consider themselves to be outcasts and its Gatherings are known for drugs and alcohol use.
  5. Jack Daniels: An obvious reference to alcohol.
  6. 4:20: A reference to smoking pot. Seen on apparel and décor—and references to it abound in pop culture.
  1. DGK All Day: DGK, or Dirty Ghetto Kids, is a brand popular with skateboarders. Many of its graphics openly promote drug use, like those with two styrofoam cups filled with purple liquid–“purple drank,” a mixture of codeine and promethazine.
  2. I [heart] Mary Jane: An obvious reference to marijuana.
  3. Shoes with stash compartments: Many shoe brands sell shoes with stash compartments perfect for storing drugs. Check for slits in flip flops and for zippered areas on sneakers.
  4. Belt buckle with bottle opener: Many belt buckle designs incorporate bottle openers into their design. You might have to look closely!
  5. Ping-pong balls: These seemingly harmless balls are used to play Beer Pong, a game that often leads to binge drinking.
  6.  “Energy” drinks: Alcohol comes in many forms, including cans that look like popular energy drinks.

This mock bedroom information was furnished by Idaho Officer Jermaine Galloway of Tall Cop Says Stop. Find out about Officer Galloway’s upcoming presentations on underage drinking and drug use, including in-person tours of mock bedrooms, at

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