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Is your t(w)een becoming more independent? Spending more time with friends or retreating to their room for solo time? Not talking as much?

This is totally normal, of course—but we want to help make it easier to maintain a close relationship during these tricky pre-teen and teen years.

That’s why we’re introducing Convo Cards, a game you can play at the dinner table, in the car, on vacation, or anytime. The idea is to initiate fun conversations and “get to know” each other better.

Convo Card with question, "Which three foods would you bring to a deserted island?"Each card in this illustrated deck features a question; half the cards contain questions for kids to ask parents and, the other half, for parents to ask kids. Find out what your teen’s top five workout songs are; who their best friend is and why; what they like best about themselves; and more. And get ready to share about yourself, too: your most embarrassing high school moment, your dream vacation, and your favorite historical figure. is distributing the Convo Cards to our partner organizations, which pass them out to Idaho parents at events and classes. You can also get a deck by following on Facebook—then watch for posts about getting a free deck throughout the next few months.

So, why Convo Cards? Here are two big reasons:

  1. T(w)eens who have close relationships with their families and eat dinner with their families several times a week are less likely to drink underage or engage in other negative behaviors.
  2. Even if you think your t(w)een doesn’t know you’re alive half the time, they do! Teens surveyed actually cited their parents as their primary influence when it comes to issues like alcohol and drugs.We’re hoping you can use these card conversations to segue into discussions about the risks of drinking underage, your expectations, and how your child can resist peer pressure.

If your family uses  the Convo Cards, we’d love to hear what you think about the experience! Email us to give us the scoop!




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