Prom: Beyond the Dress

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Prom: Beyond the Dress

Prom: Beyond the Dress

If you know your teen’s promposal story but not the specifics of their after-prom plan, you’ve still got some work to do before the big night.

When kids drink before and after prom, they often find themselves in situations they’re not prepared for. Alcohol inhibits a child’s ability to make sound decisions, so when they drink, they may engage in unplanned sex they may later regret or be ashamed of, or they might get behind the wheel and hurt someone.

Please take extra care to bring your child home safe, physically and emotionally, this prom season. Here are a few steps to help you plan:

  • Talk to your child. Tell them you don’t approve of underage drinking and explain why. Kids whose parents disapprove of underage drinking are less likely to drink.
  • Ask your child to sign a PromPledge, agreeing to remain alcohol-free and to not get into a car with a driver who’s been drinking.
  • Get to know the friends your child is going with, and talk to the friends’ parents ahead of time. Let the parents know you won’t allow alcohol during the evening, and ask them to get on board.
  • Help your child create a safe and reliable transportation plan. Be available for chauffeuring.
  • Know where your child is going after the prom. Do not give them permission to attend parties where there will be alcohol.
  • If possible, offer your house for an alcohol-free party location.
  • Encourage your teen to call if they’re in a situation involving drinking and driving. It’s better for them to feel like they can call you than to get behind the wheel or into someone else’s car.
  • NEVER serve alcohol to teens. You could face serious fines and even jail time under Idaho’s social hosting laws.

Find more tips on preventing underage drinking.

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