Keep tabs on your t(w)een this Memorial Day weekend

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Keep tabs on your t(w)een this Memorial Day weekend

Keep tabs on your t(w)een this Memorial Day weekend

Yay, summer! With so many graduation parties and that carefree “schools-out” feeling in the air, kids are celebrating. They deserve some fun, but please read the following quick tips to make sure they stay safe this Memorial Day weekend.

  • Let your child know that you expect them not to drink, and set clear consequences for breaking this rule.
  • Practice ways to say “no” to alcohol with your child—like “No, thanks, I hate the taste.” Or “No way—my parents are waiting up for me.”
  • Know your child’s plans for the entire evening. If their plans change on the fly, let them know they must call or text you.
  • Know who your child will be with. Coordinate with their friends’ parents to ensure you’re all the same page about keeping the weekend alcohol-free.
  • Call the parents of the home(s) where they’re going. Make sure an adult will be home and that no alcohol will be served.
  • Take stock of the alcohol in your home prior to the beginning of the night.
  • Let your child know that you’ll be available to pick them up if they want to leave a situation or need a sober ride home.
  • Let your child know you’ll be waiting up for them—and do it!

If you’re the party host, remember that serving minors is illegal, and you can be held responsible for any injuries related to a minor drinking at your home. This includes any accidents they cause on the road or even a fight on your property. Closely monitor the party’s goings-on to make sure kids aren’t sneaking alcohol. It’s a good idea to have other parents help chaperone.

With a long summer looming ahead, it’s a good time to talk to your child about the risks of drinking underage. Start now, if you haven’t already. You seriously might save their life.


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