Meet Noah, an Idaho teen passionate about cycling.

Noah’s mom signed him up for various activities—soccer, swimming, guitar—but it wasn’t until he landed on a bike while training for a triathlon that he found his passion. A few years ago, Noah joined B.Y.R.D.S.—a development team that trains and mentors young riders. The program is afterschool year-round, so Noah spends almost every afternoon conditioning, going on group rides, or leading younger cyclists on trails in the Boise foothills.

The program has taught Noah much about personal responsibility, perseverance, and teamwork. Spending every day (and some weekends) cycling isn’t always easy—but accomplishing his goals, overcoming fears, and spending time with his team makes his favorite pastime even sweeter.

Noah advises other teens who haven’t yet found their passion to keep trying new things until something clicks.

“When you find your passion, you’ll know it. It’s what you’re willing to sacrifice anything for.”


Idaho Cycling Resources Find a cycling program in your area:

Idaho High School Cycling League
This league is forming teams around Idaho.

Many city and county parks and recreation departments offer mountain biking classes.

Local bike shops can direct you to recreational club rides or competitive teams that youth can join in your area.

Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association
Wood River Bike Coalition

B.Y.R.D.S. (Boise Young Rider Development Squad)
Eagle Bike Park (There are trails for beginners.)

Snake River Mountain Bike Club